About The School

  • Founded in 2004
  • Up to 12 children per class 
  • 20+ nationalities
  • Nursery, Primary and Middle School (2 to 15 year olds)
  • Bus transport facilitating your family life
  • Safe environment and equipped campus: bright classrooms, sports field, play field, heated indoor swimming pool, library, kitchen for baking activities and of course the forest of Marly-Le-Roi where outdoor classes and events take place
  • Regular school days on Wednesdays

Our Mission and Values

  1. We believe in the school we created and its values - Where every student is valued, with unique physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Learning occurs in a safe environment, without coercion, shame or humiliation. There are many ways of assessing student learning. 
  2. We believe in the way that we teach - Learning is an enjoyable and personal process. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning. Subject mastery can occur when students learn at their individual pace and according to their ability level.
  3. We believe that self-confidence is an essential component to learning - Self-esteem develops when students are validated for who they are as a person. A student's self-confidence leads to academic success.
  4. We believe in the dedication of our teachers - The rapport established between teachers and students is essential to learning. Teachers are models and guides in the learning process. 

Why Choose Forest International School Paris

  1. Teaching: A high standard of teaching, combining the English National Curriculum as well as both the International Primary Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum.
  2. Small class sizes with individual attention to give everybody a chance to learn. This allows the use of different teaching strategies to account for children’s different ability and maturity levels as well as their individual preferences.

  3. Highly qualified Special Educational Needs support: Active and hands on learning that children find challenging and enjoyable.

  4. Bilingual / French and ESL language programmes, plus specialist teachers for swimming and sports such as capoeira, soccer, and team building activities in the forest. 

  5. International School: Our teachers, staff and pupils come from around the world. Children have the possibility to master the English language as well as develop their mother tongue at Forest International School Paris. We celebrate cultural diversity in daily life as well as through numerous special events.

  6. Our Environment: The forest plays a very important part in the children's learning but our building is also as exciting; pre-school and primary classes have Smart Boards and computers; our library offers the children a good selection of books; and the covered and heated swimming pool is open during the autumn and summer terms. We maintain a large garden with separate play areas and a sports pitch.

  7. Amazing service: Wednesdays are regular full-time school days and we provide a mini-bus for student transportation.

  8. Corporate Agreements: We hold agreements with large companies, contact us to check if your company is listed or if you would like to list yours.

What Parents Say

(All reviews are found on our Facebook Page and Google Maps Reviews)

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Kirsty Van Peer, 2014

Our 2 sons have been in Forest International School (western suburb of Paris) for 3 years. How blessed they are to have had this experience on an educational and social level at such a young age. The approach of this school is a unique one, every child can be himself and feels very comfortable straight away. The teachers are lovely and caring and organise very creative themes around the curriculums. The whole school is just a small community where it feels like home. Children go outside every day, the school is next to the forest(!), swim in the summer in the private swimming pool(!) and a lot of events are organised by the Parent's Association for all families during the year. The whole setting of the school is just unique, with a view on the Eiffel Tower from the terrace and the forest next door. If you and your kids want to have a great experience abroad, choose Forest International School.

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Sebastien Langlois, 2019

Notre fille est scolarisée pour la 5ème année à FIS et nous en sommes très satisfaits. Bienveillance, respect du rythme et des besoins de chacun, méthodes pédagogiques innovantes, enseignants d’une grande créativité, le tout dans un cadre magnifique aux portes de la forêt. Nous recommandons!

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Alexandre Leondaridis, 6 months ago

My three sons are currently at FISP. I could not imagine a better environment for them to grow. They are curious of everything, they enjoy physical education with the forest nearby and most important, they are happy @ all time. Coming from the French system, I realise that I offer them what I could not experience myself during my childhood. I’m blessed to have met the two founders of the school, two truly passionate and engaged individuals. Long life to FISP!

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Ana and Luis Armendariz, July 2020

We loved our experience in Forest School! At FISP we found a welcoming and helpful team and community that made our arrival and settlement in France really easy. Our children learned English in a record time and were already integrated and happy in three months. After four years full of learning and excitement, enjoying the forest daily, the kids were mature, joyful and with the academic level to move on for the next steps. Caring and innovative teachers and a free and tolerant environment makes Forest School something really special.

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Monika and Daniel, June 2020

I just wanted to say a huge and extremely heartfelt thank you from us for an amazing two years at Forest. You have created something very special at Forest school, it’s a lovely, caring, creative and fun place to be and such an antithesis to much of what I have seen seems to be the norm in France. The kids have absolutely loved every minute and been excited to go in every day and I really believe you have brought out the best in them. I’m so glad Felix got to experience it too at least for a few weeks and I’m really grateful to you for taking him in with zero notice and with such flexibility - thank you!! It was such a joy for him to go there after the confinement.

We believe each student has the right to learn about themselves and be recognised for who they are, the different facets of their character, their strengths and natural abilities, but also the areas in which they still need to grow. We ask the children to take responsibility for themselves as learners while we help them gain the necessary skills for life-long learning.

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Forest International School is part of Eco-Schools