French-Swiss private school in Paris

Our strengthsA student-centred school


Languages are one of our key strengths at Forest International School Paris, and our language programmes are designed to help all students achieve their full potential in their languages of choice

  • Native specialist teachers in small mixed ability groups.
  • French language classes are taught for 50/ 60 minutes each day
  • 10 hours of classes in French per week middle school programme
  • 3 hours Spanish
  • English, French and Spanish as a second language
  • Cambridge Assessments offered to all middle school children
  • Preparation for the "Brevet des Collèges” as an option
Our strengths
Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

Physical education : ( P.E / SPORTS )

All classes have P.E. lessons twice a week. As much as possible, these are held outside, either on the sports field or in the forest. From April to November the children have swimming lessons in our indoor heated pool. We also host an annual sports day for all children to which parents are invited, as well as after school activities. All children participate in additional events : cycling and capoeira classes.
Our students are taken on outings and class camps in conjunction with specific projects. We also invite parents or external professionals to the school to give talks and complement our class studies.

Each year the primary and middle school children go on a week-long trip to explore a region and do specific sports activities, such as sailing in the south of France or kayaking in the Dordogne.

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris
Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

Field trips

All students regularly go on field trips outside the school in order to enhance the learning of the topic being covered in the classroom. They gain a more practical understanding for the topic as well as enjoying an exciting day out.


FISP has its own library with a rich selection of fiction and non-fiction books in English, Dutch and French. All children have weekly visits to the library where they have the chance to choose books to read at home and develop essential research skills.

The school will teach a child how to read, however we believe that it is the parents who help promote the love of reading. It is therefore important to spend time reading the books that the children bring back home, but also discuss their choice of story and use the time as a way to create an intimate moment with them. Should parents wish to have the library books changed more frequently, they can see this with the library head/ Parent Association.

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris


Children sing daily in the early years. From the Primary upwards, they have weekly singing and music composition classes with a professional music teacher. Individual piano lessons are offered to children as an after school activity.

Special Education Needs

We believe that all children can achieve their unique potential with help of the right teaching method. The aim of our Educational Services is to support all staff members in this personalized approach, with external specialists, and offer additional learning support to the students who require extra attention or help. Learn more about Learning Support below.

At FISP Educational Services we have worked with children experiencing a range of learning and behavioral difficulties. We believe in accepting and integrating all children on the condition they are equipped with the capacity to learn and the willingness to integrate in their respective class. Over the past years we have been helping children with a variety of concerns.

  • Under -achieving in school
  • Disruptive behavior at home and school
  • Lack of confidence
  • Poor handwriting, spelling and/or numeracy
  • Lack of concentration
  • Social or behavioral difficulties


We liaise with a range of specialists to provide the most comprehensive service to children with diverse educational needs.

The help offered by FISP Educational Services is on an optional basis and only with the full agreement of the parents or guardians of the child.

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