French-Swiss private school in Paris

Early yearsFrom 2 to 6 years old

Children may attend for either half or full days, however we recommend a minimum of three half days to fully benefit from our programmes. For those who need a daytime sleep, there is a quiet room where they can slumber in peace.

The Early Years classes have bright rooms encompassing different learning areas, providing various opportunities for young children to explore, investigate and learn in a safe, stimulating environment.

This approach promotes independent learning, social skills and personal development.

Early years
Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris


Maths and language teaching

Maths and language teaching takes place in the mornings when the children are most receptive.

They take part in activities both as a whole class, in small groups and on an individual basis.

Work is very hands-on and practical, and children are only introduced to the idea of recording their work once they are ready.

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris
Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

Play and exploration

Play and exploration is an essential part of children's learning and general development.

Children are provided with opportunities throughout the day to engage in a range of creative and imaginative activities, sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of arts and craft, design, technology, music, movement, dance and role play activities.

We take into account the physical developmental needs of children at this age through the use of the neighbouring forest and orchards.

These - along with the green house and the garden where the children can grow herbs, berries and vegetables - provide endless learning opportunities.


The main language in class and for all activities is English, however we provide daily French classes that are included in the curriculum.

The children will spend 45 minutes per day learning French, and thanks to this intense programme they will rapidly acquire the skills to be confident in the language.

For more information on the language courses, please take a look at LANGUAGES


Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

Example timetable

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris
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