Forest International School Paris

Forest International School Paris is a student-centered school. In addition to mainstream academic subjects, we value distinctive inquiry-based interdisciplinary studies, project-based learning, social emotional learning and creativity.

Our aim is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential. We strive to create a positive school experience where everyone's stengths are emphasized, as well as a learning culture where each child feels valued and respected, and where taking risks is encouraged.

We give students the opportunity to discover themselves as learners, so as to identify the possible gaps that have occurred in their education and help them recognise when they are successful as well as when and why they haven't been so in the past.

French-Swiss private school in Paris
French-Swiss private school in Paris
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Forest International School Paris

About the school

Forest International School Paris is a private, bilingual and English speaking school in Paris west, at a few minutes from Saint-Germain-En-Laye with a very welcoming community of expatriate and French families.

We provide child-led and project based education inspired by Montessori schools and Waldorf-Steiner schools in an exciting, multicultural environment with children joining us from around the globe. 

We follow a mix of the English National Curriculum and an international curriculum designed according to the latest neuroscientific research. The school is in the process of becoming an IB school.

We accept students from Early Years (2 years old) to Middle School (up to 15 years old).

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

Our values

Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris

We believe in the way that we teach

  • Learning is an enjoyable and personal process.
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning.
  • Subject mastery can occur when students learn at their individual pace and according to their ability level.

We believe in the school we created and its values

  • Where every student is valued, with unique physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.
  • Learning occurs in a safe environment, without coercion, shame or humiliation.
  • There are many ways of assessing student learning.


We believe in the dedication of our teachers

  • The rapport established between teachers and students is essential to learning.
  • Teachers are models and guides in the learning process. 

We believe that self-confidence is an essential component to learning

  • Self-esteem develops when students are validated for who they are as a person.
  • A student's self-confidence leads to academic success.
Ecole bilingue internationale à Paris