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French-Swiss private school in Paris
French-Swiss private school in Paris

How much French will my child learn ?

French is taught everyday as a foreign language as well as for native

Which curriculum do you follow ?

We follow a mix of:

  • International Curriculum
  • UK National Curriculum

Do you offer a bus service ?

Yes, all days of the week for Saint-Germain-En-Laye and West Paris regions.We aim to offer a door-to-door bus service, picking up and dropping off the children directly in front of their homes.

Is school open on Wednesday ?

Yes, the school is open every day Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 16:15

Do you provide a daily lunch ?

Yes, We provide a well-balanced meal and fruit snacks exclusively. All school meals are cooked and prepared daily by a catering company which uses fresh ingredients and organic when possible.

Do you have agreements with companies ?

Yes, We hold agreements with large companies, contact us to check if your company is listed or if you would like to list yours.

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